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The Millionaire's Wife: Freedom, feminism and $80 lattes

Ok everyone, this one's a bit different. In today's episode, we're talking to viral TikTok sensation, Linda Andrade - aka 'The Millionaire's Wife' (the inspiration for our personal weekly spending chat from a few weeks back). Famous for being beyond-bougie with her husband's money, Linda proudly broadcasts her excessive spending, and her followers can't get enough. Chanel bags, first-class travel, coffee sprinkled with literal gold - all on her husband's dime. Yes, we hear you - not very Curve-esque. But before you judge her (or wonder why on earth we're talking to her), we think you should give this one a listen. It turns out, Linda is so much more than a pampered housewife - she's also a businesswoman, a savvy investor and an important reminder of what feminism is all about. From religion and charity to diamonds and internet trolls - we dive deep into the glittering world of Linda Andrade. We'd love for you to join us.