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The Big Share

As much as we love to share the inner workings of our own minds, experiences and learnings when it comes to all things money, we also want to learn from you. To hear from different voices, to broaden our own perspectives and to share them with the world.

As you'll know by now, at The Curve we love an over-sharer. *The Big Share* are diary entries written with the intention that they get read. Ideally by women all over the world. We're sick of money conversations being put in the awkward corner. It's about time they dressed up in sequins, and stood in the middle of the dance floor. Preferably dancing.

Who will read your Big Share?

We will feature our favourite stories in a new monthly newsletter, where you'll reach an audience of over 15,000+ people who are interested in talking about money (generally through a feminist lens).

To submit your Big Share - please read our *guidelines below* 😘 ✍️


For consideration, all pitches should be submitted directly to Sophie Hallwright at (sophie@thecurve.co.nz) with a subject line “PITCH FOR THE CURVE” in the following format:

An introduction:

If you’re reaching out for the first time, please provide a short bio - who are you, we'd love to know. Pull up a chair and tell us what you bring to the table!

A working headline:

Give us a sense of the angle and tone that you have in mind for your story. Is it an interview with an expert? An explainer? A long-form essay? Tell us what you’re thinking.

A brief description and sources:

Be specific about how the story will be framed, what questions you’re aiming to answer, and with who.

And because we are a platform to increase wealth, you will be paid for your time. Our rates for stories start at $200 and the majority of commissioned stories should hit the 700-word mark unless otherwise specified.

Got a story you'd like to share?

We'd love to here from you! Find out more about The Big Share, below.