Hot Property! Myths, mortgages and margaritas. – The Curve
12 Oct, 2023

Hot Property! Myths, mortgages and margaritas.

Today at Curve HQ we’ve got property myths, ping pong bats and mortgage-wizard Laura from Lighthouse Financial … that’s right, it’s our first (and maybe last) game of TRUTH or SPOOF, The Property Edition. Can you buy your first home with a 5% deposit? Does an election impact property prices? Do the banks judge you for your spending habits? Will Michael Hallwright stake his house on Sophie paying her mortgage? We cover all these questions (and many, many more) in today’s smoking hot property episode – and we’re playing for loaded fries and margaritas, so you know it’s serious.

To find out more about our Homebuyers Handbook, the ultimate guide to get you into your first home, check out our website here. Special shout out to the property experts at Lighthouse Financial for making our property course dreams come true!


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