How to avoid investing in companies that test on animals – The Curve
22 Jul, 2022

How to avoid investing in companies that test on animals

In the second episode of our green mini-series, we talk to the incredible Tara Jackson. Tara is the director of a NZ charity called NZAVS, who are trying to end animal testing in Aotearoa. You might be thinking - how does this relate to investing? There are still a LOT of companies still testing on animals, so this episode will help you understand how you can avoid companies that are still implementing these practices. If learning how to invest in a way that doesn't harm our furry friends is something you're interested in, then this ep is for you! This podcast is proudly sponsored by Pathfinder (KiwiSaver & Managed funds) who have been investing ethically since before it was cool. Pathfinder Asset Management Limited is the issuer of the Pathfinder KiwiSaver Plan. Head to for more information and a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement.


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