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06 Mar, 2024

Why ‘Girl Math’ needs the boot, with Bronwyn Taylor.

‘If I buy something then return it, I’ve basically made money. If I pay in cash, it’s literally free. Anything under $5 doesn’t count.’ If you’ve been on any form of social media lately, you’ve no doubt witnessed the fast-growing (and for many people, quite funny) trend, ‘Girl Math’. In today’s episode, we sit down with Bronwyn Taylor, a delightful and highly intelligent economist, to talk about gender stereotyping, ingrained sexism and the deep-rooted problems that come with labelling girls as mathematically less-than.

Whether you love ‘Girl Math’ or hate it (you’ll probably hate it by the end of this episode) this is a hugely insightful chat, and a must-listen for everyone out there. 

To read Bronwyn's original article on girl math, click here.


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