Sex and money make the world go round, with Emma-Louise Boynton. – The Curve

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Sex and money make the world go round, with Emma-Louise Boynton.

Why does talking about sex and money make everyone feel SO uncomfortable? They both quite literally make the world go around. And just like talking about your salary can help you get a pay rise, talking about sex can help you experience so much more confidence and pleasure. Today we are chatting with the amazing Emma-Louise Boynton, who is the brilliant mind behind ‘Sex Talks.’ She talks openly about her experience with sex therapy, shares her incredibly insightful perspective on sex work, and speaks to the unbelievable nuances that you might never have thought of when it comes to these two things we can't live without. Insightful and liberating. One for the girlies who in the wise words of todays podcast guest... "want to be really rich and f**k loads".

Resources mentioned in this episode: Come as You Are (book), Kama (app), Sex Power Money (book), Keily Blair, OnlyFans (article), Inside the reality TV to OnlyFans pipeline (article), Bad Sex: Pleasure, and an Unfinished Revolution (book)

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