Shit….do we need wills? – The Curve

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06 Sep, 2023

Shit….do we need wills?

Strap in, people. In today’s episode we’re going slightly rogue and vaguely uncomfortable. We’re talking money (obviously), scandal (yes please) and everyone’s favourite upbeat podcast topic: death. That’s right, it’s will time. We talk to the queen of wills and estate planning, Belinda Heunis, about how to create a will, why they’re so important (spoiler: they’re really, really important), why young people need to get on board, what happens if you die without one, and why you should always tell someone where your will is kept.
For two people who’ve always avoided the topic, we found Belinda absolutely fascinating and not-at-all scary. If you’ve ever had a question about wills (or ignored them altogether), this is the episode for you.


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