The $100,000 reason you need to sort your retirement fund TODAY – The Curve
21 Jun, 2023

The $100,000 reason you need to sort your retirement fund TODAY

Margaritas on the beach in Mexico? Spending time with your Grandchildren? No matter how you picture your ideal retirement, your KiwiSaver is going to help you get there. In this episode Soph finally gets her head out of the sand and learns the tangible, financial benefits of getting her KiwiSaver sorted so that her future self will thank her (and be able to afford the Margaritas). We can’t stress enough how vital this conversation is, so get ready to take some action after listening to this chat! KiwiSaver is one of the easiest ways to invest for your future. Looking ahead 10, 20, 30 years, what kind of life do you want to be living? It might sound like ages away, but trust us - the sooner you start planning for retirement the better. Check your KiwiSaver statement today to make sure you have contributed the minimum to quality for the 'free money' from the government! For more information head to: Financial Markets Authority

FMA Disclaimer: Investing the NZ government contribution of $521 per year for 35 years at 8% (the average return of the stock market for the last 30 years), provides a return of $97,000. This projection is focused on shares only, and remember that past returns are no guarantee of future returns. Growth funds have historically offered higher returns, than more conservative funds over the long term.



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