Why are our finances + mental health so intertwined? – The Curve
21 Jan, 2023

Why are our finances + mental health so intertwined?

This is the first episode in our new mindful miniseries, where we interview four amazing women and talk about all things mental health + wealth. In this first interview, we chat to Dr Victoria Thompson, the resident Clinical Psychologist at @braveface about how our childhood can impact our relationship with our finances in later life. The four money scripts (think love languages but the finance edition) and all sorts of different tools that can help improve both our mental health and our finances. We would like to say a huge thank you to the wonderful sponsor of this miniseries - BraveFace. BraveFace has a trio of herbal remedies to help you tackle stress and worry head-on, offering natural support for everything that life throws at you. You can get 10% off by using our code THECURVE10 at BraveFace and we have also created a resource to help you improve both your finances and your mental health which you can download here


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