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x4 Tips To Keep Your Finances (& life) Organised with Beck Wadworth

  1. Track Your Budget
    Firstly know your incomings and outgoings to better understand your financial position. How are you tracking? What changes can you make? What are your goals & focuses financially? Reflect, review & refocus! Use the budgeting pages in our Finance & Investment Planner to keep you on track and accountable.

  2. Know Your Expenses
    Organise your life admin & book your annual dentist, doctor & skin check ups. Spread them out over the next 3 months so it's not so much pressure time or money wise. Check your passport, car registration & any other bits & pieces that might need renewing - write down in your diary what date these expire & a reminder to renew them prior to this date. Also an emergency fund is a budget essential that will allow you so much more freedom with your income - work backwards with big expenses like car insurance to understand how much you should be putting into your emergency fund to cover before the bill arrives.

  3. Give Everything A Place
    A common reason people forget to pay upcoming bills is not knowing where they are! Whether you're a digital or analog lover - make sure you have a system to keep track of all your bills. Keep bills flagged or starred in your inbox until paid, paper bills keep bulldog clipped or filed in a dedicated drawer or space in your home - on the fridge is the best! Don’t allow paperwork to overwhelm you, have processes and systems in place.

  4. Review & Automate Expenses
    When you’re ready, do one better and set up direct debit. A lot of monthly and annual expenses can be automated, for example internet & phone plans, insurance policies, utilities, entertainment such as Netflix & Spotify, etc. Look at all those expenses in your budget & investigate if you can save money with a better provider or plan, or if you are subscribed to any services you can cancel. Quite often your circumstances might have changed within a year & you will be surprised how much you can save - the benefits of these small changes all add up. Tip: Do this annually!


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