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Have YOU Voted yet?

Just like you 'Vote with your wallet' - Vote with your vote!

The NZ election is happening right now and choosing who to vote for can feel super overwhelming - just like investing.

Whoever wins the election can have a big impact on you personally and in particular on your financial situation. That's why it is really important to do your research, and understand each parties policies.

We have created a little 'cheat sheet' of the major parties and their policies below. We have only pulled out a select few policies that are relevant when it comes to your finances, so it pays to do some research into their other policies too.

This is by no means intended to influence who you vote for, our hope is that it helps to educate and encourage you to make an informed decision. There is also a quiz you can take that might help you to make your mind up! 

What are the key policies?

- To remove GST from fruit and vegetables
- To help NZ reach 100% renewable energy by continuing a renewable energy funding partnership with BlackRock

- To introduce a childcare tax rebate for families earning less than $180,000 per year
- To establish a national infrastructure agency to solve the major infrastructure issue NZ is facing 

- Introduce a two-tier income tax system (currently 4 tiers) so 17.5% percent for those that earn less than $70,000 per year, and 28% for those that earn over $70,000 per year.
- To end various business support and R&D programmes

- Introduce a price on agricultural emissions
- Have a guaranteed minimum income of $385/week for individuals, $770/week for couples, and $735/week for single parents but introduce a new top rate of income tax of 45% for those earning over $180,000 per year

Maori Party:
- Introduce a 2% Overseas Financial Transfer Tax for companies like Google, Amazon, Meta etc who make money in NZ and then send profits back overseas
- Make the first $30,000 of income, tax free 


What are the key dates?
Election Day is Sat 14th October!
Voting locations in NZ are open until 7pm that evening. So grab a friend, get a takeaway coffee and go and vote together - it's way more fun.

Want to find out more?
Vote.nz and Policy.nz are two great websites which are super clear and easy to understand - thank goodness!

And remember, it's only one straw, said 2 billion people” - your vote counts. Even if you’re overseas!


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