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How to make sure you aren't investing in weapons accidentally

We recently found out a shocking stat from Mindful Money that we think ALL kiwis need to be aware of. As at September 2021, there was $190 million New Zealand dollars invested in weapons .... you heard right, $190 MILLION! Nearly 180 of our KiwiSaver funds are sending money offshore to fuel the production of guns. Ummm is this not common knowledge?!

Unfortunately with the lack of visibility, and greenwashing in the investing space, it’s sometimes hard to know what our funds are actually being invested in. So below are three easy steps that you can take to a) find out where your money is b) what it’s being invested in and c) if you’re not happy - steps to make changes.

We are voting with our wallets everyday, and it’s important that we’re educated as to what our money is being invested in.

Step 1:
Find out who your KiwiSaver funds are invested with through the IRD website HERE. You simply need to login to your 'myIRD' account. If you already know who your KiwiSaver provider is, go to step 2.

Visit the IRD website
Step 2.
Search your KiwiSaver provider, or Fund on Mindful Money HERE. You’ll be able to see what your fund is investing in. Then ask yourself, do you want your hard-earned savings to be supporting these companies?

Step 3:
If the answer is 'No', you can find a a KiwiSaver that DOES align with your values HERE. If you want to reach out to your current KiwiSaver provider and voice your concerns. To make things easier, we’ve written a letter that you can either download it, or copy and paste the below email:

Dear XXX,

I am writing to you today because I have recently discovered through The Curve, and Mindful Money, that you invest in XXX.

Not only does investing in these areas not align with my values or ethics, but I don’t want my hard-earned savings supporting these industries or companies. You are in an incredible position of power, investing a huge amount of New Zealand’s capital on our behalf. We all need to vote with our wallets and I want to ensure that I am fully informed as to where my money is being invested.

I hope you understand my reason for questioning, and that after receiving this letter, you feel empowered to invest more ethically. I want to see my investments supporting companies and industries that are striving to create a better world.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to your response.



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