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Broke in London



Did you start the year with the best of intentions to be a financially savvy hon, but have realised we’re halfway through the year, and you’re still just a hon that’s not financially savvy? Same. 

I feel like I need to set the scene, because if you think your finances are in a dire state - I can assure you we have that in common. We were two days away from a trip to Italy with a bunch of friends, and I couldn’t even book myself a bus to get to the airport. The second major problem was that over the last few months I had been gradually dipping into my Emergency Fund, which at this point had a grand total of $9 in it. 

Honestly for as long as I can remember, dealing my finances has always freaked me out. It’s one of those things I try my best to not think about, because I always spiral into an anxious mess. However, it has come to my attention that at the ripe age of 32, that I am way too old to be texting my friends asking if I can borrow their card to pay for my bus to the airport...

For all of you who have followed The Curve for a while now, you’ll know that I started this year with the best of intentions. The plan was to track everything I spent. I wanted to see where I was blowing out so I could rein it in. I was going to invest regularly, and I was going to feel in control. It’s now nearly the end of June and I haven’t successfully managed to achieve any of the above. 

Vic and I sat down, literally at the airport on our way to our Italian holiday that I absolutely couldn’t afford, and had a meeting to talk about the giant list of personal expenses I had recently put through the work account… oops. At first I got a bit of a telling off for being irresponsible. Fair. But then we quickly got into planning mode. If I am in dire need of a mid-year money reset, then I’m fairly positive there are a few others who feel the same. 

I thought - surely if I’m this hopeless, there must be other financially (not) savvy hons. Others who are struggling with the same issue of knowing they want and need to be better with their money, but don’t know how. In classic Sophie oversharer mode, I decided to post a story Instagram. I wanted to fess up for dropping the financial ball, and honestly I was blown away with the amount of people who said they’ve been in a similar position.

Bless Vic and her financially competent heart, at the airport before we boarded our flight, she agreed to start working on a new course. For me, and for anyone else who needs it. An A-Z - to help get your finances in tip-top shape. Think of it as a spring clean, a mid-year ‘let's not continue how we started’. It’s going to be a two-week online course and it will be taught in The Curve Classroom. 

There will still be The Foundations of Investing happening this September, but if you’re thinking, “hmmmmm I probably need to sort my life out a bit before then”, then this course is for you. It will have our personalised Budget and Spending Tracker, along with how to set (and stick to!) money goals, actual tips to change your money habits once and for all and most importantly, get you financially ready to invest. Side note if you do The Money Reset - you’ll get a discount off our next intake of The Foundations of Investing starting on 1st September 2023.

You can head to this page where you’ll find everything you need to know. I'm looking forward to finally being a financially savvy hon, hopefully see you there!

Lots of love,

Soph xx



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