A BIG week for the banks. Is your money safe? – The Curve
13 Mar, 2023

A BIG week for the banks. Is your money safe?

Over the weekend a big bank in the US (SVB - Silicon Valley Bank) fell over, which hasn't happened since the Great Financial Crisis. Questions have been swirling about what this means for the global economy... and rightfully so, people have been panicking. However, it's not as scary when you understand the context. In this (slightly longer) ep of The Curve Weekly, Vic explains what's been going on in layman's terms so you can understand wtf is going on. We'd like to say a huge thank you to Audi for sponsoring this podcast! Progress has always been part of Audi's DNA, and as a brand they're leading the way in electric mobility with their fully electric Audi e-tron range (one of which Vic and I have been lucky enough to drive over summer)!


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