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29 May, 2023

A mid-year check in on what’s hot and what’s not in the money, business + finance world

In this weeks Curve Weekly, we look at how the stock market has performed this year to date. Luxury brands have taken a dive, there was a really important announcement about interest rates, and more great news for women in the workplace. Unrelated to the world of money, biz + finance - we've started a brand new segment at the end of each episode. Feedback welcomed - should it stay or should it go? Partners Life (a life and health insurance company) is the proud sponsor of The Curve Weekly. They believe when it comes to money, we all (but especially women), need help to get ahead of the financial Curve. They’re on a mission to reduce the under-insurance gap in New Zealand and are known for building highly effective Life and Health insurance products. Thank you so much to Partners Life for empowering this podcast, and for more information head to partnerslife.co.nz Disclaimer: Raising The Curve has been prepared solely for informational and educational purposes. Any information provided and serviced described in this website are intended to be of general nature and provide general information only. The opinions expressed by The Curve do not constitute investment advice. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.



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