Big shorts, big bounce-banks and big red flags – The Curve
14 Dec, 2023

Big shorts, big bounce-banks and big red flags

Ahhh, December. The trees are up, the carols are cranking, and things are looking rather bright and merry in the world of finance – unless, of course, you’re Michael Burry (the man behind The Big Short – it has Ryan Gosling in it, you’ve probably seen it). Today, we’re talking big risks, big bets and the danger of betting on failure. On a more positive note, the S&P500 is up, Uber’s finally in the big-dog club, Facebook is flying, Zuckerberg’s selling, TikTok is absolutely massive and Vic’s hit travel gold (for only 35 measly little Euros). ‘Tis the season, people. 


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