Broken planes, bee stings and big old K-holes – The Curve
17 Jan, 2024

Broken planes, bee stings and big old K-holes

No matter how hard you try to ease into the new year, sometimes things just don’t go your way. Soph went to a silent retreat and got hit by a flying log, Vic went on a sexy hike and got a nasty bee sting, and Boeing sent a plane across the skies … and lost part of it mid-flight. We talk about the effect this could have on their share price, investor confidence and their reputation as a whole. We also look at a recent billion-dollar dating app investment, the latest way to buy Bitcoin, and Elon Musk’s naughty after-hours activities (and what it could mean for his CEO status). 15 days in, and 2024 is already giving serious drama.


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