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Birks, docs & stylish stocks.

Coming to you live from our makeshift studio (hence Soph's slightly echo-y mic), Vic's got the latest on Birkenstock, that skyrocketed 60% since it's IPO in October, and the rough ride Doc Martens has had since their 2021 IPO. We dive into Golden Goose's upcoming IPO in Italy and the juicy twist involving their biggest shareholder – the same group that struggled with Doc Martens. Should we be worried? Soph's got news from her old stomping grounds, Sony Music, which is eyeing Queen's music catalogue for a cool $1 billion. And let's chat about Walmart! Did you know their store managers are raking it in thanks to huge incentives? Lastly, some exciting news from Mexico, who might be electing their first female prime minister, winner!

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