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AI girlfriends, Supreme’s new owner, and Alphabet’s big buy.

Navigating through the world's slowest boat rental, and recovering from unexpected sunburns (thanks to Vic’s questionable skincare advice), is Soph, whose dialling in from the Amalfi Coast this week. But it’s not all sun and sea – Vic dives into the latest news in the finance world. Did you hear about EssilorLuxottica, the eyewear giant, buying Supreme? Yup, the same company that owns Ray-Ban and Oakley is now stepping into the streetwear scene. Things get even more intriguing with a peek into a Japanese startup that's bringing AI girlfriends to life – straight out of the movie Her. Vic breaks down the implications of this trend while Soph wonders if this will finally put an end to those pesky sugar daddy DMs. And if you think that’s wild, wait until you hear about Google’s (sorry, Alphabet's) potential $23 billion acquisition of an Israeli cybersecurity company...


0:00 - (Non-finance related chat) Updates from Soph in Italy.

5:40 - EssilorLuxottica's Acquisition of Supreme

9:55 - AI Dating Startup in Japan

16:10 - Vic's Money Saving Hack

18:09 - Alphabet's $23 Billion Acquisition

23:25 - Trump's Vice President Pick

27:03 - IPO Information Asymmetry

29:07 - Financial Feelings

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