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We are passionate and focussed on improving financial literacy amongst women. Despite being more equally represented in the workforce, we have been hugely left behind when it comes to knowledge about how to invest and take care of our finances. The Curve is on a mission to change that. Our corporate investing workshops are an interactive way for all staff to learn about investing and finance in a fun and safe environment. We have a number of topics you can choose from, or we are happy to do a custom presentation on a topic of your choice.

Topics to choose from


Learn everything from the pros and cons of both asset classes, the risks involved, and a few extra nuggets of knowledge you need to know! You'll leave with an expanded investing knowledge, more confidence, and hopefully the foundations to build your wealth.


This is for the women who want to learn about the benefits, the risks and learn tips and tricks in order to make sure they have the largest pool of wealth possible when they reach retirement age.


This is for the DIY investor - someone who wants to feel confident when looking for the right investment opportunities to further grow their wealth. You'll learn Vic's five top things to look for when assessing if a company is worth investing in!

Invest in a better world

We can seek out companies and businesses that align with our values and support them through investing. It is possible to help businesses grow, at the same time as your wallet. You will learn how you can consciously invest to create the future want to see, both in the environment and your bank account.


Our corporate investing workshops are a great way for all staff to improve their knowledge around investing and finance and is great from a corporate responsibility standpoint.

We have a number of topics you can choose from, or we are happy to do a custom presentation on a topic of your choice.

Sessions are generally 40 minutes of presentation and 20 minutes of Q&A

A chance for your staff to learn in a fun, encouraging and non judgemental environment.

We cater to workplaces of all sizes, with online or in-person workshops available.

These workshops are catered to the staff and businesses needs and desired outcomes

It's a great way to bring staff together for a fun and educational activity.

Although we are a platform for women, men are welcome at these corporate workshops.


What they had to say

"Getting women involved in investing and taking control of their financial futures is critically important, and yet it can be such a daunting thing to get involved in. We had a session with Victoria where she was able to breakdown complex topics and explain them in a way that was totally relatable. She demystified the hype that surrounds investing and laid out simple ways to get your investing journey started. It was a practical, and incredibly valuable, session for our young women and clients."

Partner , Bell Gully

What they had to say

Victoria ran a really informative and insightful session on the best ways to save for retirement and maximise your Kiwisaver investment and it was really well received by the NZ team. The tips and tricks got everyone thinking, so thank you very much for running this session.

Project Manager, TSA