Job Vacancy: Social Media Manager for The Curve

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Job Vacancy: Social Media Manager for The Curve

JOB OPPORTUNITY:  Social Media Manager for The Curve

REPORTS TO: Sophie Hallwright


JOB DESCRIPTION: We are looking for someone who:

  • generally interested in (and looking to improve) their financial knowledge and investing skills. Bonus if you feel passionate about helping other women to do the same!
  • ...loves to create social media content - specifically for Instagram and TikTok. Occasionally for LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • confident in planning + managing content schedules. 
  • ...has strong time management + organisational skills. We like to work in advance where possible, however we also need to remain agile if something is time sensitive (i.e. big financial or investing news that we want our audience to know about).
  • willing to collaborate on existing ideas, as well as come up with their own. Vic and I come up with a lot of content ideas, however we would love to work with someone who also has their own ideas/initiative.
  • ...enjoys a collaborative and creative work environment. We would like to work with someone who enjoys a high level of communication. Brainstorms etc are some of our favourite parts of the day and in our opinion we are always more creative when we are in the same room. That being said, we a super open to flexible work hours and WFH.
  • always on the pulse of social media trends.
  • competent with reporting + insights.
  • ...has strong organisation skills and attention to detail. We have a lot of partnership and sponsorships that we always want to make sure we overdeliver on.  
  • ...has a decent understanding of ads manager + can help us with boosting and ad sets if required. We aren't super competent with ads but would love to do more of it!
  • ...loves to be creative and is open to trying new types of content across the varous platforms. 
  • ...has a general understanding of email marketing and the importance of communicating with our audience via emails. 
  • proactive and enthusiastic. We love blue sky thinkers!!


HOURS SERVICES REQUIRED: We have a flexible working environment. This specific role is approx. 25-30 hours a week. While we don’t expect you to be in the office, the option is there.

You will have full autonomy to work as you see fit in terms of driving results and achieving set KPIs - if this ends up being more or less than 25-30 hours a week - we're open to increasing or decreasing these hours. 


REMUNERATION: This is a contract role at approx $3500-$5000/month. However, we are open to a discussion around remuneration depending on experience and hours.