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24 May, 2023

A guide to adulting – Getting your Plan B sorted before it’s too late

Are you like Soph and have selective hearing every time someone mentions the word insurance? Traditionally insurance is just like all other areas of finance where there are too many acronyms to understand what's going on, but that's where Philly and Rochelle come in. Do you know what life, income, mortgage, trauma and health insurance are and why they’re important? Neither did we until we talked to them! They’re the most lovely, independent insurance advisors and they explained everything we needed to know. Even Soph realised she needs to get her insurance sorted! We’d like to say thank you so much to Rochelle and Philly from R&P Insurance for their time and expertise. After going through their process we can assure you that applying for insurance is quick and easy. And most importantly they give you all the information you need to make the right decisions. To get in touch with them directly, or book a zoom head to randpinsurance.co.nz. Or follow them on IG: @randpinsurance. And since insurance is plan B (not plan A), Rochelle and Philly have put together a little prize pack to keep you healthy, so that *hopefully* you don't have to claim! Enter to WIN here.


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