Jess Quinn talks about the price of losing her leg (literally) – The Curve
22 May, 2023

Jess Quinn talks about the price of losing her leg (literally)

In this episode we were lucky enough to speak to the ever inspirational Jess Quinn. At the age of 9 she battled cancer and ever since has been a pillar of strength, hope and example of self love and acceptance. In this episode she shares how open she is with her now husband (Todd) with money, why she decided not to sign a prenup and the price her prosthetic leg has (and continues) to cost her. We'd like to say a warm and delicious thank you to Nespresso for sponsoring this podcast! Want more more caffeine for your buck? Nespresso's brand new Vertuo Pop delivers endless coffee styles to suit any moment, without breaking the bank - oh and they look good too!


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