Figuring out what your rich life is with Laurie Wang. – The Curve
03 Nov, 2023

Figuring out what your rich life is with Laurie Wang.

Let us introduce you to Laurie Wang - inspiring, humble and incredibly talented. Laurie grew up in a first generation Chinese immigrant family in the US. Her parents wanted her to follow a traditional career path, so she found herself completing a finance degree, although she knew it wasn't what she really wanted to do. Fast forward a decade, and Laurie has truly 'found her flow' in a completely different industry. This episode is a conversation about having the bravery to change careers, start a business and have a family - all while building and growing wealth through investing. It's full of personal finance, saving and investing hacks - but most importantly, Laurie talks about how we can all find our 'rich life'.


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