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02 Nov, 2023

How Vic made $800,000 in 6 years!

In todays episode Vic opens up about one of the best investments she's ever made drum roll please... in property! Six years ago Vic was deported from the US and no she wasn't smuggling anything up her 🍑 for those wondering. It was a simple visa error, but one that meant she ended up back in NZ unexpectedly. Nearing 30, with nowhere to live and no job, she decided to buy a house. Everyone told her she was silly to do so as she would be 'buying at the top of the market'. Fast forward 6 years, and that house is now worth $800,000 more than when she snagged it up. This is a story about how Vic saved her deposit, went through the process of buying her now dream house, and everything she learnt along the way.


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