How to invest during a recession with Izzy Truman – The Curve

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21 May, 2023

How to invest during a recession with Izzy Truman

With all the uncertainty in the economy you might be considering how to balance your spicy investments vs conservative ones. Or maybe you're wondering what your portfolio should look like as you get closer to your savings goal or retirement. In this episode we answer burning questions from fellow podcaster Izzy Truman (a Curve Classroom student) and discuss the challenges of podcasting with your best mate (don't worry Vic & Soph don't need couples therapy just yet). Get your notes ready because Vic shares some pure GOLD in this one. We'd like to say a warm and delicious thank you to Nespresso for sponsoring this podcast! Want more more caffeine for your buck? Nespresso's brand new Vertuo Pop delivers endless coffee styles to suit any moment, without breaking the bank - oh and they look good too!


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