Manifesting the life you’ve always wanted with Roxie Nafousi – The Curve
28 Sep, 2023

Manifesting the life you’ve always wanted with Roxie Nafousi

If you don't know her already, let us introduce you to Roxie Nafousi. She was described by The Times as 'the face of manifesting' and wow wow wow - what an absolute inspiration. She is a self-development coach, two time best-selling author and an ambassador for the Mental Health Foundation - but it's fair to say things haven't always been peachy. Roxie battled with addiction in her 20's and then fell pregnant to someone she barely knew. She had no financial plan or career path, and now credits her outrageous success to the power of manifestation. In this conversation she shares her top tips for manifesting the career you have always wanted and the money you have always wanted to make. Roxie's brand new book is also out now and is called Manifest for Kids: Four steps to being the best you! 


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