The cost of being a woman: the endometriosis edition – The Curve
21 Sep, 2023

The cost of being a woman: the endometriosis edition

TRIGGER WARNING: hysterectomy. Today’s episode is an exploration on the financial cost of being a woman, thanks to Eve Wellness. For 1/9 women, Endometriosis costs not only a huge amount financially, but also physically, mentally and emotionally. Bree Tomalson from the ZM drive show, and Erin Alysha Barnett from Love Island were kind enough to open up to us about the reality of living with this condition. In this ep we hear about blood clots on a desert island and what it’s like to suddenly have no uterus (and also what it might mean to have more than one uterus in a relationship!). This episode is a must listen to gain an understanding of what living with this condition means, and therefore being able to support those who are suffering (but we promise there are some lols in here too!).

Eve is on a mission to erase the shame surrounding taboo health topics like periods, hormones, sexual and mental well-being so together we are doing a podcast miniseries about the cost of being a woman. We want to dissolve the stigma and create space for open, empowered discussions around what it means (and costs us) to be a woman. Eve’s products are super high quality, they are some of our faves, with dosages and forms that match scientific studies. Basically, they work! Find them at and use the code CURVE to get 15% off.



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