Property Powerhouse: Nicole Bremner’s wild ride with 108 property inve – The Curve
26 Oct, 2023

Property Powerhouse: Nicole Bremner’s wild ride with 108 property investments.

In today's episode, we're chatting with Nicole Bremner, the financial wizard juggling a share in 18 properties. Fun fact: Ross from Friends once tried to buy one of her houses! From global banking, to investing in a dynamic mix of startups, stocks, and property, Nicole's journey is a rollercoaster of financial adventures. With a history of once owning shares in a whopping 108 properties, she dishes out valuable investment insights, like the golden rule: "It's better to regret the ones you didn't buy than the ones you did." Join us for a fun, inspiring dive into Nicole's world of financial discipline and the thrill of modern investing!

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