Meg + Guy say goodbye to 'Daddy Daycare'. – The Curve
13 May, 2024

Meg + Guy say goodbye to 'Daddy Daycare'.

This week we’re speaking with a couple who are doing things differently - Meg + Guy Mansell. We know this so 2021, but these two are absolute #couplegoals. Meg, who you may know as the host of The Edge Breakfast radio show, met Guy back in broadcasting school (with Soph!) 10 years ago. And Meg jokes about conning Guy into being a relationship with her, the two are now are happily married, with a house, dog, cat and daughter. Thank goodness she didn't listen to Soph and sack him off all those years ago! Instead of adopting the traditional gender roles, Meg is the 'breadwinner' (rubbish term, we're working on it) and Guy is a stay at home Dad. Incredibly honest, incredibly cute, this conversation will give you an idea of what life actually looks like when the roles are reversed.


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