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The importance of work-life balance & working out what's important with Sarah Lindsay.

This week we welcomed back one of our favourite guests, Sarah Lindsay who runs SALA, the most amazing reformer pilates, yoga and barre studio in Auckland. The original episode we recorded with her was so popular that we thought it would be rude not to have her back to give us some updates and share some of her successful business-owner wisdom with us. Feeling defeated in achieving work-life feels like a tale as old as time and a struggle I think every one of us can say we face regularly. This is a chat about getting your priorities in order, setting boundaries, and defining what you want for yourself now, versus what future you will appreciate the most. Hilarious, a little bit woo-woo and incredibly eye-opening, we were so happy to have Sarah back in the studio to chat with us again.

Watch this episode on YouTube.

To listen to the original podcast we recorded with Sarah, click here.


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