The cost of having kids (and a life) with Chance Hinderlane – The Curve

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The cost of having kids (and a life) with Chance Hinderlane

If you’re looking for amazing energy, absolute honesty and a big old mindset-shift – then have we got the episode for you. Today’s guest, Chancè Hindirlane, is a trailblazer, a boss and a genuine breath of fresh air. Originally from Congo, Chancè and her 11 siblings were raised by their mother – and a village of support people. After moving to America and having her first child, she quickly realised that not only was finding her own village incredibly tough – it also came at a huge financial cost. A big believer in prioritising the mum-life you want to live, Chancè is paving the way for mums (and mums-to-be) everywhere: inspiring them to drop the guilt, outsource where possible and totally own their worth. Trust us, this is one episode you won’t want to miss.


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