The cost of infertility with Brett Russo – The Curve

The cost of infertility with Brett Russo

For so many, fertility doesn’t come easy. In fact, it can come at a huge, overwhelming and often unattainable cost. In today’s episode, we’re talking to Brett Russo, author of ‘The Underwear in my Shoe’ – a powerful, funny and unflinchingly honest account of her journey through IVF – about her own experience with infertility. Born and raised in New Jersey, Brett and her husband endured five rounds of IVF to have their two gorgeous sons. Brett found the experience so harrowing and all-consuming, she decided to write a book about it. From privilege to heartbreak, hidden costs to the importance of overcommunicating – Brett’s been through it all and she’s more than happy to share. Inspiring, confronting and extremely important, this is a must-listen for everyone out there.


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