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Ash London

35 | Ash London  

What is your name/age/where are you living?

Ash London, 35, Sydney Australia

Do you think it’ important for women to start having more conversations about money?

If so, why? Hell yes! This was a skill I had to learn as it wasn't something we discussed growing up.  When I found myself established in the workplace, I had to get comfortable with things like asking for a payrise and not accepting lowball offers. As someone who is self employed I also had to learn what my work is worth and have the guts to put a fair price on my work (and not buy into that BS idea that I'm just lucky to have the exposure).

In NZ and AUS we’re quite embarrassed about conversations around money and often avoid them. Why do you think that is? What do you think we do to change that?

I think it's just ingrained in our culture.  But money is a fundamental part of life, and we rip ourselves off when we consider it a taboo subject. Change comes when we sit in the discomfort of things - so if that means forcing uncomfortable conversations then so be it!  THe more you have them, the ore normal they become!

What has your own personal journey with finances been like?

Non-linear!  I've had times of feast and famine because I'm not ruled by money.  Which means I've quit well paying jobs I hated...often!  I was also horrible with money until I got married and had the accountability of another person in my life who was privy to all my insane spending (and lack of saving).  Adrian got me into property investment and I finally discovered the peace that comes with investing my money in things that will appreciate (houses) as opposed to cute Gucci loafers. 

Have you ever had any hairy calls when it comes to your finances? Made some bad decisions and wish you'd been more educated?

Let's just say I once had to fork out 6 figures to the tax man that I hadn't accounted for. Not fun.

What does financial freedom mean or look like to you?

It means knowing how much is in my bank account, being able to pay bills that come in without any stress or hassle, and knowing that my money is working for me and my future. 


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