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Bianca Beers

 32 | Western Sydney 

What is your name/age/where are you living?

I’m Bianca Beers, I’m 32 and I live in Western Sydney!

How do you make money? 

I’m a self-employed artist, designer and content creator :)

What is your relationship with money like? 

I grew up super poor so my relationship with money has changed A LOT - over the last 5 years particularly - for the better! Throughout my childhood I felt guilty whenever I wanted something, whether it was a piece of clothing or an outing with friends, because I knew we couldn’t afford much and I didn’t want to put my parents in an uncomfortable situation by voicing my desires. I think because of that I was never really bold or open in general, and I lived mainly in my head. Throughout my life I carried this unhealthy idea of money with me, which I think delayed my own financial success. I just didn’t believe it was possible for me, which led me to not believe in myself. Eventually I decided to try self employment — it was super scary at first, but I’m so glad I did because over the years I’ve grown to value myself and the work I do, I know money is my friend and I deserve to have it. I now have access to all the things I ever wanted as a little girl and it feels so empowering to know I did it all from scratch and with no helping hands.

Do you think it’s important for women to start having more conversations about money?

Yes!!! I know we’re on our way to full equality, but I think there’s still residual undertones of gender roles and gender bias here in Australia. I think due to this, women generally tend to shy away from things like studying business and finance in school, all the way to creating investments and building a portfolio as adults. Having these conversations means young women will have access at an earlier stage, and can build their own savvy and independence for greater gender equality!

In NZ and AUS we’re quite embarrassed when it comes to conversations around money. Why do you think that is and how do you think we can change it?

I’ve thought about this a lot as my partner is from New York and we often discuss the difference in nature between Aussies and Yanks. I think generally we as a nation don’t like to “show off” — tall poppy syndrome tings. We love to seem laid back and “cool” and because of that I think we lack candour when it comes to (almost EVERYTHING, but especially things like) career, finances, savings and investments… mainly I think it’s a fear of being perceived as a show off, and that’s gotta change.

What has your own personal journey with finances been like?

From growing up with debt collectors and sheriffs rocking up to our house, watching my mum budget and stress and save every single coin, having to lay-by a pair of $7 stockings… I think I’ve journeyed from a super unhealthy place, where I hated the thought of money and it made me terribly uncomfortable and anxious, to finally a place where I feel confident in myself and my ability to generate an independent income, own whatever I like and buy gifts for others. In the last 2 years I’ve also been actively investing, always in the look out for a new investment, and it’s exciting! I feel in partnership with money now, as opposed to rivalry.

What does financial freedom mean, or look like to you?

Owning my own home, living a life full of travel, dining out and trying new experiences, being able to buy gifts for others whenever I like, and having enough saved to know whatever happens, we’re good.

What's one money goal you have right now?

I’m currently looking for my first home, and saving as much as I can in the meantime to minimise that loan size!!

What's one money tip you've learned and found hugely helpful?

In regards to investing; Time in the market beats timing in the market. Which is to say, if you invest in a company you believe in and hold for a long time, you can generate a lot of wealth — vs waiting for “the right time” (a market crash or something) to invest, which may or may not ever come.


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