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The reality of why I had to sell my stocks


For the past two and a half years, I’ve been learning all about investing from Vic via our podcast. Before we started The Curve, I didn’t know what the different asset classes were. I don't even think I knew what an asset was, and I definitely didn't know how the markets worked. If you’re reading this and thinking ‘I still don't really know either of those things’, I HIGHLY recommend going back to the beginning of our podcast and binging all the episodes 🍿✨💸

I only started investing about a year ago, because it took a really long time to build up my confidence. Eventually I decided to put 80% into a managed fund (as in - gave it to a professional), and then with my leftover 20% I chose a few stocks (companies) that I liked and bought them on Sharesies. 

The plan was to leave it all invested for 10+ years. I want to be lying on a beach in Mexico in 30 years, so I wanted to leave it in there for AGES. Fast forward a year, and my stock picks (so the ones I chose on Sharesies), had grown 37%! I couldn't believe it! For context, the stock market on average returns about 7-8% per year, so for a baby investor, I was pretty stoked. I had one small problem though... I'd invested beyond my means. I hadn't budgeted properly, and just kept throwing random amounts into my investments. Towards the 15th of each month, I found myself scrounging around wondering how I'd make it to pay day. 
This happened again recently and I had no choice but to sell some shares. I had a grand total of $9 in my emergency fund, and none of my pay left. needed money and fast so I logged in to see my portfolio, and realised that it was 37%! This was an absolute win. When I looked more carefully, I noticed that my Netflix shares were up, wait for it... 127%!! That's a $3000 return in just under a year! 
Although I was gutted to pull that money out, I was so proud of much I’d managed to grow it in such a short space of time. Rather than wallowing in my frustration and beating myself up (which I usually do for way too long), I conned Vic into making another course. What I now realise is that in order to invest regularly and properly, you reeeeeeally need to have the basics down - something I certainly haven't nailed. 
The Money Reset is a brand new course being taught in The Curve Classroom and was born out of my [desperate] need to plan better. I'm so excited to learn how to make a plan, how to create a budget, save and get to a place where I can invest regularly without having a blowout. 
If you're keen to join, you find more info below! Hopefully see lots of you there! 
Lots of love,
Soph xxx (+ Vic) 



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