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We’re breaking the rules

The average person views 10,000 ads a day. Yes, A DAY! How wild is that? What’s even more mind-blowing is the discrepancies in those ads when it comes to speaking about money to men and women. 

I hate to say it but we have all probably fallen victim to them. Whether it's an article in a magazine, a billboard or one of those annoying IG-targeted ads, men are often served ads focused on growing their wealth, investing and becoming entrepreneurs whereas women are marketed to differently….

When marketing speaks to us, the focus is always on cutting back on spending, saving our precious pennies and making sure we aren’t irresponsible. Those harmless jokes about being incapable of reigning in our spending, or even the #girlmath trend can be really detrimental to how we view our capabilities when it comes to growing our wealth.

There are SO many studies that show this. Just like if you’re trying to buy a new red car and you start seeing red cars everywhere, you’ll start to notice this subliminal messaging more and more. Men are advised on investment strategies, we are told to stop splurging and buy fewer shoes. It’s eye-rolling stuff. 

Language and images aside, the tone of voice is also found to be different. Articles targeting women still position the issue of finance as a “minefield” – one that is complex and threatening. For men, the tone is of optimism. Quite simply - men are reinforced that the financial world is one “packed with opportunities”, whereas for women it’s something we should steer clear of.

We are all a product of our surroundings. They influence how we perceive ourselves. Remember that age-old saying
‘a picture is worth a thousand words’?  Visual representations of money, and how differently we are communicated to, are particularly important because money is so central to living a full and fair life. Imagine always being told you're useless with money, that you spend too much and you need to stop being so frivolous? You eventually would start to believe it. You will have a scarcity mindset, and fear of never having enough. 

Now, imagine if you are constantly told that you can grow your income, be a millionaire and achieve financial freedom by 40… you will eventually believe it!

Even try just googling ‘investor’ and you'll see a whole bunch of images of men in suits pop up. Really Google?? It's 2024! Change your search algorithm ASAP, please.

Gender equality doesn’t stop at pay and earnings, it transcends so many different areas.
It might seem subtle, but it is destructive and perpetuates the gender wealth gap. The media is a key influencer and it needs to ditch this stereotypical, old-school narrative because it’s not doing anyone any good. 

At a time when diversity and equality are dominating headlines, the media needs to reassess the way in which they communicate and engage with women (and men) when it comes to money.

We are trying to do our bit too. We want to rewrite this story. We want women to feel empowered when they open a magazine, drive past a billboard or get served those ‘annoying’ IG ads. This is why our course, The Money Reset, is not your typical finance course. It's made for the woman who wants to rebel against society and take control of her money while still enjoying her life.

To make goals, get out of debt, plan saving and budgeting not just to survive, but to grow your wealth and get into a place where you can invest. 

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