Cheap holidays, Hong Kong's in trouble + Vic's big surprise. – The Curve
02 May, 2024

Cheap holidays, Hong Kong's in trouble + Vic's big surprise.

Mixing things up this week, we're talking currencies! Currencies are a bit like stocks; they fluctuate depending on demand, and can actually be a creative way of saving money. Hint: take a holiday to a destination where the currency is weak - you'll be living it up for less!  Testing that theory is Vic who has has decided to fly to Spain to surprise flower man (AKA her boyfriend), meanwhile Soph is on a fly hunt (literally - please excuse any blow fly sounds that enter this recording). Big updates from the Doc Martin stock, Samsonite and a few other goodies! Important note for those only here for the finance news - and not our lives - please skip to the 6 minute mark!

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