Leaked nudes and very expensive potatoes. – The Curve
13 May, 2024

Leaked nudes and very expensive potatoes.

Full transparency, The Curve Weekly got a little financially off track this week. The mention of Snapchat’s sky rocketing share price meant that there were a few minds in the gutter... and by a few, it was only Soph's. The conversation went a little like this... "Surely the only reason Snapchat share price went up 30% in a day was because a celebrity's nudes were leaked right...?" As you can imagine, this thought process completely derailed our very high brow investing conversation, and gave us a peek into Soph’s extra curricular activities that quite frankly, no one needed to know about. AirBnb is up 30% year to date but will they be able to keep growing? Apple did their biggest share buyback on record of $110 BILLION AKA the biggest green flag ever, and somehow we learnt that Vic thinks of herself as a Giraffe.... Go figure. 

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