The 2 largest economies in the world having a BDE-off. – The Curve
14 May, 2024

The 2 largest economies in the world having a BDE-off.

Joining us in this extra special, extra lengthy Curve Weekly episode is the amazing Ella, who you may recognise from way back when Soph was scraping the financial barrel and Ella came to the rescue (as told in RTC69: Changing your money mindset with the friend that paid for Soph’s bus ticket.)

If you cast your mind back a few weeks ago, you’ll remember the rivalry between the U.S. and China all about banning TikTok in the U.S. Well, the plot just thickened, the U.S. is claiming national security, and China’s calling bullshit, suing the U.S. government for forbidding freedom of speech. Ouch. In other news, Soph’s fan-girling over the icon that is Whitney Wolfe Herd AKA founder of Bumble. Meanwhile, Vic’s fan-girling over…. actually you’ll have to listen to that part, I can’t bring myself to write it down.

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