Duolingo's soaring, Roaring Kitty's back and Soph's become a (polite) – The Curve

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Duolingo's soaring, Roaring Kitty's back and Soph's become a (polite) Karen.

Happy Tuesday everybody! Coming to you a day later than usual, we're discussing the recent success of Duolingo, the return of meme stocks, and most importantly; Soph's transition into a Karen after spending the night listening to pesky kids partying. Keith Gill AKA the legendary Roaring Kitty has bought about the return of meme stocks - which in short, is people clubbing together on Reddit to buy stocks in the companies that aren't doing great, because they've been shorted (betted against) by hedge funds. Basically, it's a way of saying F you to the big dogs and giving power to the people, amen!

To get straight to the finance chat, skip to 10 minutes.

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